Our Board

John Shapiro - President and Founder

John has been passionate about social justice issues since grade school. Early in life, he also recognized the need for self-care and personal transformation, as the foundation for compassionately serving others. John founded 1PLAN in 2010, because he is passionate about equitable and cost effective health care, and because he identified gaps in the "single-payer" movement around basic education, collaboration and intention. He hopes that the 1PLAN will be one of several helpful social justice oriented projects he is a party to creating in his lifetime. John has a background in education and web design/development.

Kellie Teter - Secretary

Kellie has been an advocate for "health insurance for all" for two decades. In her public health career, she has seen both the benefits universal insurance across an entire population (like the Children's Health Insurance Program) and the illness and financial ruin brought on by an employer based system that is increasingly dysfunctional. She looks forward to finding new ways to expand the conversation about what approach is right for America.

Rene Doubleday - Treasurer

Rene is currently the Operations Director for Juice Communications, a full-service brand development and marketing agency in Denver, Colorado. At Juice, Rene has led strategic branding efforts for numerous for-profit and nonprofit clients including Volunteers of America, the American Heart Association, and the St. Anthony Health Foundation. Rene has experience in media, events, promotions and grass-roots marketing from both the client and agency sides. Her experience will assist OnePlanMakesSense garner greater awareness on a national scale. In her nearly 20 years in the marketing arena, Rene has worked for companies such as Viacom, Ringling Brothers, and the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. A Colorado native, she graduated cum laude from the University of Denver with a BA in Mass Communications in 1990.

Paul Caouette

Paul has helped start over a dozen nonprofits and currently serves on the board of the Germinal Stage.

We have board openings!

We would like to see our board expand to seven people. Interested in being on the board? Please contact us.

Our Staff

Though someday we plan to pay folks, we are currently a grassroots, all volunteer organization with no staff.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact us.