For Businesses & Organizations

Since businesses and organizations pay for the majority of health insurance coverage in the U.S. and are greatly affected by the skyrocketing cost of heath insurance, one of 1PLAN's main focuses will be to partner with businesses and organizations to help make 1PLAN a reality. We will develop an online database showing businesses and organizations that support 1PLAN and a count of their employees. We believe this will be a great way to show political decision makers that there is broad support for 1PLAN. In turn, we believe this will compel them to consider 1PLAN as viable option for health care reform and eventually act to make 1PLAN a reality.

We are not yet set up to partner with businesses and organizations. This is slated for Phase 2 of our development plan. To be notified when we are ready, please contact us.

For Other Single-Payer Advocacy Organizations and Advocates

If we expect, as single-payer advocacy organizations, 300+ million people to undertake the giant, difficult, coordinated change to a universal national health insurance plan, it stands to reason that we should work to become steadfast, coordinated partners in the endeavor of making single-payer health insurance a reality. One of 1PLAN's main focuses will be the facilitation of collaboration, partnerships and coordinated action among single-payer advocacy organizations at the Federal and State level.

Please contact us, and we will include you in our ongoing collaborative projects.