If you identify as a conservative or a Republican, your first thought regarding the idea of a 1PLAN system in the U.S. might be, "Not in a million years." We at 1PLAN hope that you will take a moment to read through the following that may lead to you considering this proposal differently.

1PLAN is counter to some conservative values, while it completely in line with other conservative values.

Some values and ideas commonly attributed to conservatives and Republicans are: fiscal responsibility and conservatism, smaller government, less business and other regulation, tax cuts and general freedom to do what one wants.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN is THE fiscally conservative, responsible choice for health insurance.

No other health insurance system will produce any where near the cost savings: $910 billion yearly for the whole economy or $3,000 per year for the average U.S. resident.

COUNTER-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN greatly reduces the size of the entire health insurance industry, through legislation and regulation.

Under 1PLAN, the size of the health insurance industry will be greatly reduced via government regulation. In order to make this process fair, the government will buy out health insurance companies and their investors. 1PLAN will employ many of the people that are employed by the current health insurance system and will offer job retraining opportunities to others. This will be a difficult change for those in the health insurance industry, but the benefits for the rest of the country in terms of cost savings, health security, freedom of choice and more far outweigh the downsides of reducing this industry.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN acts like a large tax cut for most U.S. residents.

The health insurance bill for the average U.S. resident will be reduced by $3,000 per year or $250 per month. This basically acts like a tax cut that puts real money back in the pockets of Americans and gives them the freedom to pay much less for their health care and spend it as they wish.

COUNTER-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN obligates all U.S. residents to buy health insurance.

U.S. residents will be obligated to buy health insurance, which will reduce freedom for people who prefer not to have health insurance. In those cases, 1PLAN acts like a tax hike. People who want to buy supplemental insurance will still have to pay for 1PLAN. And as it works with all taxes, those who make more money will pay more taxes and subsidize 1PLAN for those who make less money.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN is good for businesses and organizations.

Due to reduced health insurance costs and reduced need to manage their health insurance needs, business will save money, be more competitive, have more flexibility and reduced hassle.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN creates much more freedom of choice and is not 'socialized medicine'.

U.S. residents will have the freedom to choose almost any doctor or hospital in the U.S. This is because almost all doctors and hospitals will accept 1PLAN. 1PLAN is NOT ‘socialized medicine’. It’s national health insurance. Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers will remain privately owned.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE: 1PLAN creates a smaller, more efficient, less bureaucratic system.

We have one military, one interstate highway system and one federal government that all provide huge cost savings, efficiencies, freedom, security, etc. It's true that sometimes these things don't operate in the most efficient, least bureaucratic way, but imagine added expense and bureaucracy if we had 200 separate branches of the military or 20 interstate highways systems.

COUNTER-CONSERVATIVE?: Health insurance competition will go away, but some circumstances are best served without competition.

Not every problem is best solved through free market competition. In some cases, especially when nearly everyone is affected and nearly everyone stands to win or lose, it makes a lot more sense to mandate a system to solve the problem. The U.S. military is a good example. Nearly everyone in the country is affected by our sovereignty as a nation. And nearly everyone stands to gain or lose something depending on the success or failure of our military to protect that sovereignty. Similarly, nearly everyone needs health care at some point in their lives. 1PLAN pools the nation’s resources to meet the needs that nearly everyone will have. Nearly everyone will benefit by reduced financial cost, lifetime health security and more freedom of choice. Nearly everyone loses under our current system, because we pay more, our health insurance is not guaranteed and we are significantly limited in our choice of health care provider.

PRO-CONSERVATIVE?: 1PLAN creates job growth and economic activity in other sectors of our economy instead of perpetuating a broken, wasteful system.

In the health insurance sector, jobs will be lost and economic activity significantly slowed. But all of the money saved by the 1PLAN system will create new jobs and economic activity in other sectors of the economy. So the choice is: Would you rather be forced to spend 38% of health care expenses perpetuating a broken system? Or would you rather spend your money as you wish, which will grow the sectors of the economy that are in line with your values?

FINAL THOUGHTS: Can you support 1PLAN a conservative or a Republican?

If you identify as a conservative or Republican, you can see that the choice to support 1PLAN could be a difficult one.

On the one hand, you will save, on average, 38% or $250 per month on your health care expenses. You will have health insurance security for life even if you lose your job, are self-employed or have a pre-existing medical condition. You will have significantly more choice of doctor and hospital and you will have less health insurance hassle.

But on the other hand, you will be obligated to buy health insurance. You will take part in the government regulation of the health insurance industry, which will greatly reduce its size. And you will still have to pay for 1PLAN if you choose a supplemental health insurance plan.

The switch to 1PLAN will be a big change. But remember, despite any misgivings that you might have about it being a government mandated plan, it is ultimately your plan because you can exercise your democratic rights to make sure it works for you.


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