1PLAN makes the U.S. more competitive in the global economy.

By reducing health care expenditures in the U.S. by 38% or ($910 billion per year, U.S industry will be on a more level playing field with other countries that pay less for their health care. As a result, we will be more competitive in the global marketplace.

1PLAN turns health care waste into new economic opportunity.

$910 billion per year will shift away from health care waste into new job creation and economic opportunity, creating economic growth in many other sectors of the economy.

1PLAN acts like a tax cut, putting more money into the pockets of most U.S. residents.

1PLAN acts like a large tax cut. People will have more disposable income due to their reduced expenditures on health insurance and health care.

1PLAN will reduce bankruptcies by 62%

This reduction in bankruptcies will save the economy $24 billion and reduce the load on our court system.