If you identify as a liberal or a Democrat, you may be very excited about the prospect of universal health insurance. If not, the information presented in this website may factor into your consideration of supporting 1PLAN. If you support 1PLAN, your help is greatly needed. Please read below.

UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERING MOTIVATION OF OTHERS: For most people, first and foremost, supporting 1PLAN will be about how it benefits them, especially financially.

As a liberal or a Democrat, the most important value for you around supporting universal health care may be one of morality, of saving lives lost to lack of health insurance, or creating a system that gives equal health care access for all, or just fixing the problems with our current system. But in order to help make this system a reality, we encourage you to consider the reasons that other people might be persuaded to support 1PLAN.

We believe the main reason that will catch people's attention and persuade enough of them to support 1PLAN is personal financial gain. After all, who wants to waste 38% or $3,000 a year on their health care expenses. For most people in the U.S., that is a lot of money, and they would prefer to spend in the ways they want, instead of on a broken health care system.

EDUCATE OTHERS: You can help make 1PLAN a reality by educating others in ways THEY CARE ABOUT.

Your help is needed to make 1PLAN a reality. We believe the best way you can help is by educating others in ways they care about. When you speak to others about this issue, tell them how it benefits THEM FIRST. Nearly everyone will save money and have more choice of doctor and hospital via 1PLAN, but most people already have health insurance and making sure that everyone has it may not be their top priority. We believe that all benefits of switching to 1PLAN are valuable, but we also believe broad support is necessary to make 1PLAN a reality. We believe broad support comes from people understanding how our broken system affects them now and how 1PLAN will help them in the future.


For 1PLAN to become a reality, EDUCATING OTHERS IS THE MOST HELPFUL THING YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW. Let your family, friends, co-workers, etc. know about this website. Tell them why they should care about 1PLAN. And spread the word!