1PLAN is one national universal nonprofit single-payer health insurance plan that covers all U.S. residents.

1PLAN will replace the primary coverage offered by existing health insurance companies, but it will not prevent other health insurance companies from offering supplemental coverage.

1PLAN is health insurance.

1PLAN works just like your health insurance works now. You pay a premium to the 1PLAN health insurance company. You use health care services when you need to. 1PLAN reimburses your health care providers for your medical bills.

1PLAN is NOT 'socialized medicine'.

Health care providers i.e. doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals/facilities are NOT employees of or owned by the government or 1PLAN. The providers operate independently and are reimbursed for the services they provide by the 1PLAN health insurance company, much like they are now.

1PLAN models proven systems in other developed countries.

Countries like Canada and Japan have been using this system for decades, saving huge amounts of money and providing health insurance to all of their residents.

Private supplemental health insurance is still available under 1PLAN.

If you do not like the options available under 1PLAN, you can still buy your own private supplemental health insurance.

1PLAN is the best plan, but it is NOT being considered by Congress.

Other health care reform proposals fix some of the issues with our health care system, but only 1PLAN truly fixes our system and creates maximum benefits to the most people. If you are looking for proof, you only need to look at countries like Canada and Japan that use a 1PLAN system: They insure all of their residents, while realizing enormous cost savings and improved quality of care.